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Prompt Turnaround Times

At Monsie 3D Lab we don’t view you as a customer but rather as a partner, a “Smile Partner“.

When you partner with Monsie 3D Lab you can schedule patient appointments with confidence. Consistent on-time delivery is important to the growth and success of your practice and to the satisfaction of your patients.

We understand this relationship and therefore we will notify you when your case is received and provide you with an estimated return date based on your preferred method of communication (email/phone/text/fax). We will also notify you when your case is completed and ready to be sent back to your office. No more wondering or hoping that the lab has received or completed your case! This personalized service helps to eliminate patient rescheduling and ensures that your office is always kept in the loop!

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Turnaround Times

Crown & Bridges /Time
Standard Crowns 8 Days
Elite Crowns 9 Days
Custom Abutments (with finished crown) 10-12 Days
Dentures & Partials /Time
Advantage Removables – all stages 8 Days
Custom Trays 2 Days
Bite Blocks 2 Days
Set-up wax try-in with teeth 3 Days
Finish after set-up try-in 4 Days
Finish after set-up try-in (flexible) 8 Days
Flexible Partials (start to finish) 8 Days
Metal Frame only 8 Days
Metal Frame with teeth and wax 11 Days
Metal Partial (start to finish) 12 Days
Acrylic Partial (5+ teeth) 4 Days
Flipper (1-4 teeth) 3 Days
Splints: Hard (processed acrylic) 4 Days
Splints: Eclipse Heat/Seat (flexible hard) 4 Days
Splints: Soft (vacuum) 2 Days
Splints: Hard / Soft combo 4 Days
Reline: Hard 2 Days
Reline: Soft 2-3 Days
Repair: Simple Acrylic / Fracture 1-2 Days
Repair: Metal Work / Laser Weld 5 Days

    Please allow the full working time for each product selected. Working times are NOT guaranteed and do NOT include weekends, holidays or shipping days. Time of pick-up and delivery may affect turnaround time. Rush service available on most Removable products but must be pre-scheduled by calling us. Please note there are additional fees for rush cases and if needed UPS scheduled pick-ups but shipping both ways is always free!